Bathing Your Dog – Tips From Tail Tapping Antics

As dog lovers, we all know that doggy bath time isn’t always a great experience. Here at Tail Tapping Antics, we know exactly how to get your dog clean with as little hassle as possible. Here are our top tips:

  1. Brush you dog before bathing to remove any knots and matts. Matts are difficult to dry and can remain damp for a long time next to your dog’s skin leaving it prone to infection and irritation.  Matts also get tighter and pull on the coat more when they are wet.
  2. Prepare your equipment. You will need dog shampoo, as human shampoo is too drying for a dog’s skin (its a different PH level that can affect the skin). Try to get shampoo that needs to be diluted as this way you can spread it around you dog’s coat much more easily. Towels will need to be in place also.  In the salon we use specialist bottles.  You can use a drinks bottle or an old cleaned out washing up liquid bottle.  Put your shampoo into the bottle as required and mix with luke warm water, not too hot or cold.  Temperature similar to a baby’s bath.
This is Lola, a sweet little Pomeranian who comes to Tail Tapping Antics for her grooming requimements

This is Lola, a sweet little Pomeranian who comes to Tail Tapping Antics for her grooming requirements.

  1. Check temperature of the water. Dog’s skin is far more prone to burning than human skin, dogs dont feel heat like we do. Keep the temperature similar to a baby’s bath, even cooler for larger dog’s as they can overheat very easily.
  1. Wet down your dog working from the back end to the head, leaving the head last.  Going straight at the head can scare lots of dogs.  Starting from the back end  gives your dog chance to relax. Protect the eyes and ears so that they do not get sprayed directly. If you are feeling a little nervous about wetting the head area leave that for now and wipe with a damp cloth at the end of the bath.
  1. Shampoo your dog using your diluted shampoo, find a shampoo suitable for your dogs coat (we stock Specialist dog shampoos in our shop and also online). Start at the back end, again, and work the shampoo down to the skin. Move on to the legs, tail and then neck. Protect the eyes and the ears by using the lather from the back of the neck rather than applying the shampoo directly onto the face. Ensure that water or shampoo does not enter the eyes or ears.  We always put shampoo on the dogs heads in the salon last as this prevents any soap suds from getting in the eyes, and irritating the dogs.


Harley Beagle drying

Harley the Beagle, who uses us for his dog walks, after having a good run in the mud in the woods. Having a good bath, dry and deshed.

6. Rinse your dog starting at the head to remove shampoo from around the face area as soon as possible. Continue rising, heading towards the back end, until the coat has the ‘squeaky clean’ feel. Ensure that all shampoo is rinsed out because if residue is left it can cause skin irritations.  Depending on how muddy your dog is, we always bathe dogs twice, as the coat is left much cleaner.

7.  Squeeze excess water from the coat, starting on the back and then moving to the legs and feet.

8.  Towel – rub down your dog with a towel.

We hope found our bathing tips useful. Don’t forget that we offer a full-grooming service at our Chorley shop. Call 01257 233644 to book, prices start from just £5 for basic treatments and £15 for bathing.

Dougal after trim

The Divine Dougal the standard poodle after his show bathe, trim and spray up. Isnt he just gorgeous. This is Tail Tapping Antics Mascot, he is the dog we provide on our training sessions for bite prevention exercises.

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