Easter event

Easter Eggstravaganza @ Tail Tapping Antics


We’d like to you to come along to Tail Tapping Antics HQ and meet our team and find out what we do, we are open from 9am till 5pm. We have a fantastic line up for the day with so much to give you, along with our fantastic offers, here’s a bit of a run down.

* FREE Microchipping 10:30 – 12:30 only, this is being done by a 3rd party, timings will be strict, and will be offered on a first come first served basis.  By Law all dogs MUST be microchipped as of the 6th April 16. You are still OK to still get it done at this event on the 9th April 16. Dogs MUST be over 12 weeks of age to be microchipped.

Free microchipping at Tail Tapping Antics on Saturday 9th April 2016 (Suggested charity donation towards Homeless Hounds)

Free microchipping at Tail Tapping Antics on Saturday 9th April 2016 (Suggested charity donation towards Homeless Hounds)

* FREE dog baths (subject to T&C’s – PLEASE SEE T & C’S BELOW……) for donations towards Homeless Hounds Dog charity. FROM 12:30 till 16:30, timings are strict and are given on a first come first served basis, subject to terms and conditions only, please see below for more details about what this means.

This is Lola, a sweet little Pomeranian who comes to Tail Tapping Antics for her grooming requimements

This is Lola, a sweet little Pomeranian who comes to Tail Tapping Antics for her grooming requimements

* FREE nail clips (subject to T&C’s – please see below for full terms and conditions as they affect everyone) for donations towards Homeless Hounds Dog charity. FROM 12:30 till 16:30 only.

Free nail clipping at Tail Tapping Antics on sat 9th April 2016 (donations towards Homeless Hounds Charity)

Free nail clipping at Tail Tapping Antics on sat 9th April 2016 (donations towards Homeless Hounds Charity)

* FREE dog nutrition advice with offers from Orijen and Acana, 2 of the very best pet foods on the market. Want to find out how to reduce your vets bills and how to keep your dog in optimum health.  Does your dog have allergies? Does your dog drag its bum along the floor? Does it suffer from poor scurfy skin (dandruff), does your dog have loose bowel movements? Does your dogs coat lack luster? Is your dog not enjoy its food? If you answered yes come down and see us and please bring along if you can remember you pet food ingredients label…. i.e. the list of ingredients.  This can also include your pet treats too.

Great deals on orijen and Acana. Feed your dog the best nutritional diet possible.

Great deals on orijen and Acana. Feed your dog the best nutritional diet possible.

*Trade in your dogs old coats/leads/collars/harness’s (to Homeless Hounds) and we will give you 10% off towards a new purchase in store.  We have lots of different brands in store to suit every dog.  From the ruff and ready to the dainty pooch.

*Cake and refreshments from Katy’s Kitchen, if you havent tried this shops food.  You dont know what your missing.  Proper homecooked food, from Soup, to sandwiches to freshly made cakes and cheesecake (all home made) with things on the menu like home made chilli (its a mean chilli con carne).  Katy’s kitchen will be offering FREE brews for this event.  Katy’s kitchen will also be providing home made dog biscuits and home made cakes for humans too, so you can have a little sneak treat try, as Im sure you will want to buy some to take home for a Saturday night in.

*Tasting Platter for dogs to try out some of our amazing treats.  Quite a few people don’t want to buy a pack of treats in case their dog doesn’t want to eat it, and thats no problem.  We will be opening some of our treats that we sell so that Fido can have a good old buffett, if your dog doesn’t want to try them on the day that’s no bother.  A lot of dogs wont eat if if they are not at home where they feel comfortable, we can bag them up and you can take them home.

tasting platter poodle

*Goody bags available with some offers and treaties.  Subject to availability.

* Raffle and much more fun shenanigans.  We have lots of items to browse in store, from dog treats to humans treats and gifts.  We will be on hand for any questions you may have.

For regular updates of things going on for the event, please see our facebook link by clicking here. 

Please also bear in mind our Terms and Conditions below.


Now for the serious bit, the Terms and conditions.  These are only here to safeguard our staff and also for keeping things fair for other customers:

  1. REFUSAL OF SERVICE. Please bear in mind that we anticipate this event to be busy.  Therefore please do not be offended if we refuse any of our services to your dogg, if a dog is acting aggressively before it even gets on the table/or whilst in our care we won’t groom it/ clip its nails or microchip it.  This is because when a dog has already crossed over its limit to what it can cope with, the dog sets off adrenaline into its body which proceeds it to enter into fight or flight mode.  For Health and safety of the dog, we need to have dogs secured on our premises (so that they don’t escape and end up shooting out of the door, we restrict their flight survival.  Which inevitably means that they will fight us (even the kindest of dogs).  This would be terribly unfair to push a dog through something that it is scared of.  First of all our first priority is ensuring that dogs are comfortable, secondly we value our health, and the smallest of dog bites and scratches can be incredibly painful and disabling.  Nobody wants to be off work, poorly or in pain.  Therefore please don’t be disappointed if we feel your dog isn’t suitable to have his/her nails/wash and dry and microchip done.  You might need to do a little work in making your dog feel comfortable before proceeding with your aim.  We can offer you help and advice on how to change this.
  2. ALL DOGS ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES.  We anticipate our event to be busy and to minimise any accidents happening, there may be doors left open, or opening and shutting.  We don’t want any accidents what so ever.  We welcome dogs into our shop and ask that you keep them on a lead and under control at all times.
  3. PARKING. There is free parking along Eaves Lane, in the side streets such as Kershaw Street, Froom st, Stump Lane etc.  The car park behind the pub, is a free for all so please do park sensibly.
  4. PICKING UP AFTER POOCH.  All we ask is if your dog has a poop that you pick it up and deposit it safely in the bins outside Suitable Finance, or pop into our bin or take it home to dispose of. If you need a free poo bag just ask.
  5. MICROCHIPPING.  This is being done by a third party, dogs MUST be aged over 12 weeks old for this service, therefore Tail Tapping Antics accepts no liability for any potential injuries etc.  We would like to remind you that ALL dogs BY LAW must be microchipped.  This service is being offered for free and at Vets can cost around £20.  Although we aren’t asking for any money.  We would appreciate that you make a donation towards the local charity that we  support called Homeless Hounds who take in the local strays and dogs that are needing rehoming.  Just 1 dog in kennels for one night costs £12.  So Please give generously.
  6. BATHING – To keep things fair for everyone, we won’t be taking bookings in advance for this event.  This is based on a first come, first served basis.  We are offering bathing from 12:30 till 16:30pm. Not everydog will be suitable for bathing.  Please don’t be disappointed if we refuse service, it might be because of the following:
    • If your dog is aggressive or showing signs that it is not happy with being left with us, we reserve the right to refuse any service.  Please see point 1. If your dog is matted, we may not be able to wash your dog, matts need to be removed, prior to bathing as they get tight when they are wet.  Please note that we are only offering a bath and quick dry service limited to time slot, to keep it fair to everyone. You may contact us separately to this to see if if we can offer you a private slot, to go through yours and your dogs requirements.  You can always pop in free with your dog for us to have a look and feel of your dogs coat to advise you.
    • Strictly limited to 1 dog per household.  If Joe Blogg’s came with 8 dogs and asked us to bathe all of them, then no one else would get a look in.  Therefore we don’t want to be meanies, but just to make it fair to everyone.  1 dog only per household.  We offer our great services 5 days a week for 52 weeks of the year (except bank holidays), simply call us on 01257 233644 to make a booking.
    • Size of dog.  Dogs will be allocated a slot of up to 20-30 minutes dependent upon staff availability (i.e. one might be doing nails, we might even be serving you in the shop), please be respectful and mindful that we are offering a FREE service to raise money for Homeless Hounds Charity.  We will be washing dogs in our top quality Double K Shampoo range, then rinsing your dog with fresh water and then taking off the excess water via our dryers.  We anticipate that small dogs and dogs with short coats to be dry during this time, however bigger dogs with more coat, may be slightly damp.  We will try our best to get round to your dog, please be patient with us.  You will be required to wait around for your dogs as we wont have any time to keep them and care for them on site.  You are welcome to browse and make purchases in the shop during this time as well as enjoying the nibbles, as well as the cakes and resfreshment’s that have been made available from Katy’s Kitchen (who are based across the road.). PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY TEA AND COFFEE WILL BE AVAILABLE AT KATY’S KITCHEN ON THE DAY.    Katy’s kitchen will be pleased to serve you something delicious from their menu subject to their menu cost and there’s some lush seating over there that you can admire our shop from.  (tip: go for the mean Chilli Con carne on either a jacket potato or chips)
    • We are offering this service free, based on a donation towards Homeless hounds, please note that a full groom for a short haired dog. i.e. pug would be from £18.00.
  7. NAIL CLIPPING.  Whilst we normally offer this service at £5.00 with a free sausage for the dogs. We will be offering this service for donations towards Homeless Hounds.  Please however there are risks involved in cutting nails.  Nails have a quick inside them that carries the blood supply and nutrients.  By looking at a white nail its easier to spot the quick, where as a black nail is a guessing game.  Here at Tail Tapping Antics we always go with taking less off rather than cutting the quick, as the dog can feel pain when the quick is cut.  Regular nail cutting and filling will help the quick to retract.  If a nail does not need cutting we will not trim it. Sometimes we might be unable to trim all the nails if the quick is close to the surface, this isn’t fair on the dog.  However we can offer you some practical advise in the meantime.  We don’t charge for at all for nails that need doing, in fact we would rather you bring your dog and ask us then leave it.  We have seen dogs that are exercised every day and groomed every 6 weeks that have grown their nails to over an 1″ long in a 4 week slot.  Some dogs are blessed with growing nails fast.  If your ever in doubt please pop in.
  8. REFRESHMENTS. Every effort has been made to provide drinks and nibbles for the occasion.  Nibbles, cakes and refreshments are subject to availability.  We cannot guarantee full availability, although every effort has been made to ensure there is enough for everyone.  The human foods will be served on White bowls and plates, and dog platter will be served on black bowls and plates.  Please note hot drinks of tea and coffee will be supplied very kindly by Katy’s kitchen.  No other refreshments @ Katy’s kitchen will be served for free.  There will be a selection of cold drinks at Tail Tapping Antics subject to availability.
  9. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR DAY, LOTS OF PLANNING, EFFORT, TIME AND MONEY HAS GONE INTO THIS EVENT AND WE WANT TO YOU TO ENJOY IT.  Any questions/queries please get in touch.  We are here to help.

All our love,


The Team @ Tail Tapping Antics.

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