Bite Buster Fingerless Dog & Cat Bite/Scratch Prevention Glove Sleeves



The Bite buster 12 protective glove Sleeves are made from Kevlar and Nitrile with Neoprene Padding.

These are an essential piece of kit for those working with dogs, cats, small animals and wildlife.  This helps to prevent unwanted scars from dog bites and cat bites.

The Bite buster comes as a pair of sleeves.  This is available in 2 sizes.

The Small/Medium size is normally suitable for the average adult female hands/arms.  Please note that the edge piping will differ for the colour in the photo above and is Blue.

The Large/X Large size is suitable for males.  The piping colour on the Large/X Large dog bite prevention sleeves are red.

Both size sleeves come in a length of 30cm or 12″ which is ideal and not restrictive.

These gloves are ideal for any pet professionals working with dogs.  they are great for Dog Groomers, dog trainers, dog boarders, home boaders for small animals, dog kennels, Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, Doggy Daycare, dog walkers, etc.