Spot On – Double Action Flea Treatment for Extra-LARGE Dogs


Bob Martin – Clear Spot On Double Action

for Extra-LARGE dogs (25+kg)

400mg Solution /tube

Kills Fleas and flea larvae in immediate home surroundings

Protects from fleas for up to 4 weeks



Double Action Spot On for extra large dogs. Easy to use and with a specially developed Double Action formulation that acts quickly to kill fleas on your pet and also target flea larvae in your pet’s immediate home surroundings.

Effective and gentle – Double Action Spot On can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age. Each treatment will protect your pet for up to 4 weeks. Specially developed double action formula:

1. Kills fleas on contact. Kills fleas before they can lay eggs – breaking the flea life cycle.

2. Kills flea larvae in the pet’s immediate surroundings, eg bedding or favourite resting areas, preventing re-infestation.

For extra large dogs over 25kg. Please ensure that you use the correct Spot On product on your pet, making sure that the product is specific to the animal. Always read the pack carefully before use. This product is suitable for use on extra large dogs over 25kg in weight.

It is particularly suitable for use on DOGS in households that have both dogs and cats.

Each pipette contains 400mg Imidacloprid.

For external use only – Keep out of reach of children.