The benefits of Dog Grooming

Grooming includes such things as:

  • Regular baths:- helps prevent skin disease, fleas, ticks etc. Also makes them smell better. But whatever you do, DO NOT use human shampoo, as the PH balance is wrong and will irritate the skin.
  • Regular brushing/ combing:- brush you dogs coast right to the root at least twice a week to help prevent mats, as surface brushing does not help the dogs coat at all as it leaves the deeper layers to form dense matting. Mats can be very irritating, pull at the skin and can cause skin diseases if not removed and harbour all kinds or nasty parasites.  It is recommended if your dog has a long coat brush it everyday. Please don’t attempt to cut / shave mats out yourself as you may cut the skin. Brushing also removes any dry/ dead skin that can irritate your dog making them scratch less. Also improving the circulation by stimulating the blood flow which in turn increases and improves the blood supply to the hair follicles. It also has a similar effect as a massage and can aid the stimulation of the lymphatic node, all leading to a healthier coat and dog.
  • Cleaning teeth:- to help prevent dental or gum disease. Dental diseases should be taken seriously because infections from the mouth can be the start of other infections on other body parts.
  • Cleaning ears:- dogs can suffer chronic ear infections because those long floppy ears cover the ear canal, creating a warm moist environment. Removing the hair inside ears prevents problems as it helps air circulation. Discharge, excessive scratching and foul smell are signs of an unhealthy ear, if this occurs contact your Vet.
  • Cleaning eyes:- cleaning the eye are can stop any infections happening, just make sure to use a different wipe for each eye as to not spread anything across.
  • Cutting nails:- long nails are very painful for your dog as it aggravates arthritis and can cause the toes to be clumsily spread out. Ask your groomer or Vet to cut if they have become a hassle for your dog.

To help your dogs coat as well as grooming you need to look at their food. A better food = a better coat.

A well balanced diet is essential for a strong immune system and healthy skin and coat. Because skin, hair and nails are in a dynamic state of growth, they constantly require large amounts of nutrients. You have to be very careful when picking your dogs food as a lot of foods do not have the right amount of nutrients and could cause malnutrition. A low protein diet can result in dry, rough, thin coat, with bald spots, flaky skin and abnormal shedding cycles. Skin, hair and nails are which usually shows first in a bad diet. Omega 3 has become more and more popular and recommended by Veterinarians, not only for treating allergies but to improve skin conditions, arthritis, kidney disease and even elevated cholesterol.

For a better coat and healthier dog:-

  • Feed a complete balanced, high protein and highly digestible diet with quality ingredients.
  • Avoid feeding sugary snacks, treats or table scraps.
  • ALWAYS provide fresh drinking water for your dog at all times.
  • Brush and comb your dog regularly.
  • Begin grooming puppies from 8 weeks old.
  • Do not leave it until your puppy is a year old for his first groom.
  • Don’t teach your puppy that its fun to bite the brush or hair dryer.
  • Train your dog to accept grooming just like you train them to sit and stay.
  • Brush and comb your dog completely before bathing them.
  • Please don’t leave young children in charge of grooming.
  • If you have booked your dog in with a groomer, walk your dog before hand, arrive in good time for your appointment with their lead on and toileted.

If you regularly groom your dog and feed it well, it will provide your furry friend with a shinier coat and healthier over all life style. Making one happy dog and a very happy owner.Lola-After-Grooming-150x150

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