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Grooming Contract


The following notice outlines the terms and conditions for Dog Grooming. Dogs will only be accepted for grooming once the Owner has completed and signed this declaration.

Owner Name:


Home Ph:



Pets Name:



Any Allergies:

Are Vaccinations up to date?

Any Medical Problems?

Which Vet are you registered with?

Please read the following conditions, print and sign the form below and bring to your first appointment:       

  1. All data collected by us is confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Please advise us of any changes to the above information for the safety of your dog.

  1. You will notify us of any changes in your dogs health or temperament that may occur between appointments.

  1. The animal is fit and healthy. Any grooming which takes place on an elderly animal or animal with health problems will be at the owner’s risk.

  2. Grooming may expose pre-existing health/skin problems for which Tail Tapping Antics cannot be held liable. You will be notified and advised to seek veterinary help.

  3. You must inform us if your dog has ever bitten or shown any aggressive tendencies. A soft muzzle will be used where necessary. If your dog shows unmanageable aggression towards staff or other dogs Tail tapping Antics reserves the right to discontinue with the grooming session and your dog will have to be collected. Charges will be upheld. If a dog should bite, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage.

  4. Your dog is vaccinated up to date. Any unvaccinated animal puts itself and others at

    risk. Unvaccinated dogs will not be accepted.

  1. You will maintain your dogs coat in between regular grooming appointments. A dog with extremely matted coats will incur a de-matting fee of £15.

  1. De-matting/shaving of matted hair may cause patchiness, irritation, redness, and hair loss and Tail Tapping Antics will not be held liable. Consent to remove the matted hair is on this understanding. No dog will ever be subjected to stress or discomfort. De-matting during a routine groom is limited to 15 minutes maximum, only possible for minimal matting. For severely matted coats a shave off is the only humane solution. In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

  2. If we discover fleas or ticks during the grooming process, we will re-bath the dog in flea treatment and an extra cost will be applied due to the extra time taken and treating the dog and the salon for parasites. You will be notified.

  3. Any case of neglect will be photographed /videoed and samples of fur will be saved to be used as we deem appropriate. In severe cases the dog warden will be called.

  4. New customers are asked to pay a deposit upon first booking before the appointment will be confirmed.

  5. Starting prices for a groom are based on the understanding that your dog’s coat is well maintained between grooms. End prices may vary depending on the condition of the coat, the manageability of the dog, over-size or over-weight dogs will take longer to groom.

  6. Grooming times vary. Most take between 1 – 3 hours depending on the size, temperament and condition of the dog. You will be given an estimate when you drop off your dog, then we will ring you to let you know when to pick your dog up.

  7. Payment in full will be made upon collection of your dog. Tail Tapping Antics has facilities for accepting Debit/Credit card payments. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques.

  8. Once your appointment is booked, we will turn other customers away under the assumption that you will be using that time slot. As a result, Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee of £20 and you will be asked to pay up-front when booking your next groom.

  9. Grooming slots are booked by appointment. If you are over 15 minutes late, it will be considered a no-show and you will have to re-schedule the appointment. This will incur a re-booking fee of 50% of the groom. This is because starting a groom late means every dog there-after will be started late too and this is unfair to other customers.

  10. If an appointment is not kept, the full groom fee will be charged for the slot and you will be asked to pay up-front for future appointments. Failure to do so will result in refusal of any future grooms.

  11. Your dog may be photographed before, during and after its groom. These will be for our files and may also be used on our website, Facebook page and/or promotional materials. Please let us know if you prefer you dog not to be photographed.

  12. Puppy Introductions and First Grooms for any age dog require patience and understanding. It will take more time than a regular groom so we use gradual steps to introduce the dog to the process over a number of appointments to minimise any stress. Please let us know if this is required for your dog.

  13. This contract is binding and subject to change without notice

I hereby agree to the foregoing as owner of the pet.

Owner Signature : ____________________________ Date: ____/_____/_____